19 May 2022

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UK is now covid’s Europe hotspot. Why is that?
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UK is now covid’s Europe hotspot. Why is that?

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No wonder travel restrictions are being lifted – the risk is beginning to look like going the other way!

When you look at the Johns Hopkins table of cases and deaths, it is quite shocking to see that the UK is practically at the top of the list, number 4 in fact in terms of official case numbers.

Yes, the UK has managed to keep its place near the top of the world table of cases, fourth only to USA, India and Brazil.

Those three countries have romped ahead with vast numbers of cases but then they have huge populations. But the UK with now in excess of 8 million official cases has even passed Russia with only 7.75 million and Russia has over double the population to the UK.

Other European countries are way below with France at only 7 million and Spain at 5 million.

Why are there these differences? After all the UK was way ahead with its vaccination programme. Sadly, that is no longer the case. European countries have now exceeded the UK vaccinations per head. Furthermore the UK was the first to drop its restrictions and there can be no doubt that doing so has enabled the disease to get a bigger grip when you think that in Europe there are still significant restrictions, the need for passports and even social distancing still in Spanish schools.

The truth is that the UK having adopted a rather more bullish approach than other countries has put itself into a position where the disease is more widespread than its European neighbours.

May be the continuing problem will mean that it will be the UK on other countries’ red lists for travel if we are not careful.

Today’s report of new cases shows another 34950 bringing the seven day rollover total over that barrier of quarter of a million per week, now standing at 256652 and this is quite a sharp increase and in percentage terms is 5.2%. Patients admitted too have increased to 5153 per seven days, an increase now of 0.8%. Deaths are up at 133 but still showing a seven day decrease of 1.2% but that could be set to change over the next week.

But although the UK government was earlier than others in lifting restrictions, the argument in favour was that it would be better to have the next wave before the winter sets in.

The real problem is that even if you have caught the disease, you can get it again and we haven’t seen a new variant recently. Let’s hope there isn’t one on the way – now would not be a good time – new restrictions may become inevitable if it does.

So take care and remain safe. It really is down to each individual to look after himself and keep out of harm’s way.

Adrian Leopard     09-10-21

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