19 May 2022

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What is it about governments that they always want to put things off?
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What is it about governments that they always want to put things off?

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Do they know something we don’t or is it just an aversion to controls?

We have a government minister who says that the NHS is under huge pressure at the moment but it is sustainable.

One has to wonder if there is some sort of sadomasochistic thrill involved with running the NHS to the brink. The question is – would Plan B help to take pressure off the NHS by reducing new cases and ergo patients admissions to hospital? If the answer to that is “yes”, then why are we waiting?

The way it comes over is that government wants to place the NHS under unsustainable pressure first before taking action. Does that make sense? Certainly the country’s doctors do not think so.

The rate of new cases is going up; the rate of deaths is going up and the rate of patient admissions to hospital is going up. The way it looks is that it is going to continue to go up for the foreseeable future as well; there may be the odd dip in numbers but the graph looks pretty set in its ways at the moment. Moreover it is not as if the government is supported by its scientific advisers. What was interesting yesterday during the press conference given by the Health Secretary was that when asked basically whether the medics agreed with the government about delay, the Health Secretary didn’t let them answer but “moved swiftly on”!

One must congratulate him on avoiding embarrassment – but whose embarrassment – his for having his medics disagree with him or that of the medics because they may have had to lie?

The country is awash today with vexed people wondering why we do not reintroduce some restrictions immediately. A brief glance at the interactive map shows that there is less and less blue left – it is all going dark purple and the map is out of date as we know!

And if the government in leaving things late again causes us to have a lockdown over Christmas there will be mighty displeasure around the country. What is more is that the weather has taken on a distinct chill in recent days; it has become much more autumnal which means more people will be indoors, doors and windows will be opened less and that is a good stimulus for covid-19 because ventilation will be down. Try and keep your homes as well ventilated as you can and keep taking those lateral flow tests.

Is it time for the public to start to operate their own stay-at-home policies until matters cool off a bit? With the seven day new cases rollover today at 327537, that is a lot of people in the country who have got the disease. Today’s new daily total has shot past 50000 and stands at 52009. Deaths are again up over seven days at 912 and new patients figure for today is 959 giving a seven rollup of 6315, back past the 6000 level again. Heed the government’s advice and if you are entitled to it, go and get that booster.

Perhaps as a quick break from covid, there is more fascinating news that Columbus was not the first European in North America at all. He was beaten to it by the Vikings, it appears from carbon dating exercises, and the Vikings had a settlement in Newfoundland as recently as one thousand years ago exactly! What is new about this announcement? Well researchers reckon they have found an exact date.

Isn’t it amazing that such techniques are open to us. I wonder if the Vikings were as kind to them as they were to us!

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