19 May 2022

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What will you do if you are pinged? Especially since new cases have started to go up again
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What will you do if you are pinged? Especially since new cases have started to go up again

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We are on another one of those rollercoasters. Up down – is the end in sight?

Hundreds of thousands of people have been pinged recently by the NHS covid app. This means that they have been in some proximity to someone who has since tested positive.

The rules which have been around for some time say you must go and self-isolate and you should also go and get a PCR test. This self-isolation is proving absolutely devastating to businesses many of which are finding that so many of their staff have been pinged at around the same time that there are insufficient staff left to run the business, so they must close.

It’s not a walk in the park for the staff either because they cannot work and will therefore start to lose earnings.

What are they to do? What a dilemma!

Well of course it is not a dilemma because they should be self-isolating [back around the loop we go!] but so bad have things become that in some businesses managers are advising or even instructing their staff to delete the app or perhaps just ignore it. It’s a bit like wearing masks – some managers think that staff should not wear masks as it heightens tension in their businesses, usually pubs and the like.

There is no compulsion to load the app into your phone; there is now no compulsion to register when you visit pubs and restaurants so people are thinking “why subject myself to the possibility of getting pinged when I can effectively just opt out?”

Why indeed?

We look forward to the middle of August when double-vaxxers will not have to isolate but that is still nearly three weeks away and it is not going to help those who have not been vaccinated.

But we live in uncertain times. After a staggering seven day on day reduction in new cases, the numbers did level off and for the last two days have started to go back up again.

Was the amazing reduction all to do with a false positive or two, something to with schools perhaps, or the Euros?

And now that quarantine requirements are being significantly reduced for travellers inbound to the UK, it is fair to assume that this may see upwards pressure created as well.

Don’t unbatten the hatches yet; the next two weeks are going to possibly be a bumpy ride.

Adrian Leopard 29-07-21

Photo Toby Osborn

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