02 December 2021

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When is it okay to break the law? Human rights?
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When is it okay to break the law? Human rights?

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A grand get together is no excuse to break the law on social distancing

The death of Sarah Everard is a great tragedy; the death of any innocent person is a tragedy especially when it is at the hands of a murderer.

However, what has evidently eluded me is why this particular death, unfortunate though it is, has caused all the bru-ha-ha which has ensued, leading up to appalling actions at a so-called vigil. Unfortunately as the television reports are only too keen to tell us, deaths of women are occurring all the time. But let us not overlook that violent deaths are taking place in the country all the time as well and these include men as well as women.

It seems to me to be most unfortunate that “all men” are branded with the same criticism, i.e. that they are all potential murderers and rapists. What utter nonsense. Society as a whole has to accept that we have violent criminals of both sexes amongst us. And to suggest that there should be a 6 pm curfew for all men so that women can walk home safely – well the author of that thought has rather overlooked that society as we know it would come to a halt if such a rule were to be implemented. And what about the LBGTQ community? Are the male members of that brand also regarded as murderers?

But it gets worse. For whatever reason, they decided they wanted a vigil. Nothing wrong with that per se except that there is now a conflict of law versus rights. We are in the middle of a very serious pandemic, one which has now killed over 125000 people in the UK and which promises to do a lot more damage before we are out of the wood. The government in its wisdom with the benefit of scientific advice and in fact Parliament has decided that at the moment we cannot get together in large groups.

So what do the managers of the vigil do? They contest the police refusal to grant a licence. Happily they did so legally – by applying to the court. One wonders what they expect a judge to do – make an order flouting the law? The courts are there to maintain and uphold the law so the poor judge was being asked to do the very opposite of what he would know he must do – namely uphold the law and not make an order which would fly in the face of it.

They said let’s have a virtual vigil instead – nothing wrong with that.

Sadly our citizens, or a large number of them at any rate, decided that they knew better and so they went and had their vigil anyway and what a vigil it was – turning into violence and it was the police who got the blame! Again, what utter nonsense. The calls by politicians for Cressida Dick to resign are completely illogical – what? Resign for attempting to ensure that the law is not broken?

It has oft been said that the law is our freedom. In this case, the law is trying to protect our society from a worsening pandemic, something which I am sure the majority of people want. So those breaking it by acting against the covid-19 restrictions are acting in the disinterests of the people of the country. You have to ask yourself why.

I think the country is on the verge of losing its marbles. This morning the Sophie Ridge on Sunday programme featured six invited interviewees – every single one of them female. Where’s the balance in that? Or would interviewing a potential rapist, that is a male, be contrary to the public, sorry female, interest?

This is a terrible sequel in an already terrible affair and it is really uncertain as to what is expected to be achieved. Is Utopia possible – a country where there is no crime and violence and where everyone is loving and kind to each other. What bliss! How many out of a hundred do you give that proposition as becoming a reality?

As I see it, until we have those in influence calling for restraint and operating within the law, there will always be plenty of fodder for those wishing to break it to latch on to, thereby destabilising our society. Who and why?

Adrian Leopard 14-03-21

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