26 May 2022

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Worry increases as restrictions are lifted
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Worry increases as restrictions are lifted

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There is still a possibility that panic could break out with numbers on the rise so fast

As we approach mid-summer there is developing a certain sense of fear over the third wave now getting a grip. There is certainly a sense of heightened anxiety.

It can only serve to heighten concern when we look around us – the fact that Brazil has now topped half a million official deaths reminds us that when tackled badly this virus hesitates not a second to take advantage of the lowering of defences. Look at it like a war – drop your defences and the enemy can come tanking in.

Look at the UK – and the lifting restrictions has enabled the third wave to come tanking in aided and abetted by its new ally, the Delta variant which now accounts for the vast majority of infections in the UK. And new variants will no doubt appear from time to time if transmission generally is able to continue.

The Johns Hopkins table can be viewed here:

but as an aide memoire, the UK has now notched up 4.62 million cases, new daily cases currently running into five figures, along with 127970 deaths within 28 days of being tested. The latest weekly figures should new cases up 33% and deaths up 23%. This is really sad and certainly very worrying.

Did we really want a third wave before we have even lifted the restrictions from the second one? And we see the graphs going up and down like a rollercoaster – one that never seems to come to a halt!

Wedding restrictions have already been lifted and in reality the new rules are somewhat confusing. Socially distancing is required but then not for dining which seems odd. However, all these people getting together without any control over who is or is not vaccinated seems mighty risky.

One heartening piece of news is that now all adults can go for a jab, the queues are building. Bravo!

Adrian Leopard 20-06-21

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