26 May 2022

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Would you like to go to Europe for a holiday? Unsure of the rules? Help is at hand.
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Would you like to go to Europe for a holiday? Unsure of the rules? Help is at hand.

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Think carefully and plan well before going away. Above all check out your destination.

Are you getting a bit fed up with staying at home? Do you really feel that a holiday might just be within your grasp this summer now? Well it is not all plain sailing but there is help at hand.

The first hurdle you need to jump is whether it is a good idea to leave the country at all. At the moment the government is advising against all but essential travel; I suppose it is something that you can go if you want to even if you are advised not to. But there is a significant potential penalty and that is simply that your travel insurance may not cover you or you may just not be able to get insurance if you have not already got it.

This is a real no-no. The possibility of ending up abroad with some blessed condition which in normal circumstances would get you repatriated is not one to think realistically about. Anyone who has had medical issues abroad will know that even straightforward ones can be very tiresome and complicated to sort out and if repatriation is needed, it can be costly too. If you are not insured, the risk is not worth taking. Moreover, you may find that your conveyance, airline or whatever, will refuse to carry you without it.

There may well be partial cover available – for that you would need to get advice from your insurer but it is very unlikely that you will be covered for Covid-19 in today’s circumstances. If you have an EHIC card, this should remain valid until the end of the year.

The second thing which you must take into account is the need on your return to undergo 14 days quarantine. If you are simply going to go back home and self-isolate again, that is not a particularly onerous thing to do but there is a caveat. You cannot co-habit because you may be infecting the other members of your family. It may be possible to be in the same house but you will have to keep yourself to yourself – assuming you are going to stick to the rules. The one thing we do not know is how long this requirement will remain in force. There is a lot of pressure on the government to lift it but who knows whether they will. I think that the fact the coronavirus is massively increasing in some parts of the world with potential second spikes means that government are much more likely to stand firm on this so do not get your hopes up too soon.

See here for the exact details:

Still wanting to go? The European Union has put together an advisory website which is quite helpful. It is called Re-open Eu and can be accessed here:

The site is in all the European languages and you select the country you wish to visit and it will tell you what the requirements are. It is useful to a degree but bear in mind it is primarily for the EU countries. So for example if you wish to go to Cyprus, you can select that country and then fill in their own questionnaire and find if you can visit. In their case you can if you have had a test within 72 hours before departure or are willing to have one on arrival.

Many people in the UK would like to go to France – loads of people have second homes there and they must be wondering how tall the grass is now! There is a really useful site here:

This goes into it in much greater detail and specifically advises on the position as regards the British. It is very helpful because there are links to all sorts of other interesting items of information as well. In essence you are invited to go into voluntary quarantine but if you do not bother, it seems there is no penalty, and you can self-isolate at your own property, mow the lawn and then drive back again.

This is probably a very difficult time because things are changing so very fast. If you must book a passage with a carrier, ensure it is refundable in case you have to change your mind. Keep close touch with what is going on in the destination country – you should find that information is updated on a daily basis. Above all, once you get there, maintain your social-distancing and remember all the prudent advice which you have heard time and again in the past three months!

Happy travelling.

Adrian Leopard 17-06-20

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